[LE] The Emperor

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[LE] The Emperor

Post by The Librarian on Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:10 am

[coo_intro ITEM-TITLE="the emperor" ITEM-SUBTITLE="" ITEM-COMPANY="Lili Ledy" IMAGE-URL-ONLY="https://i11.servimg.com/u/f11/19/64/64/24/img_5328.jpg" YEAR-RELEASED="?" RELEASED-ON="El Regresso Del Jedi" FIRST-CARD="?" LAST-CARD="?" FACTORY-CODES="?" BOOKMARK-NAME="BOOKMARK_NAME_NO_SPACES"]

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[snippet SNIPPET-NAME="NOTE"]COO (Family #2)(2-A1A1), (2-B1A1), (2-C1A1), and (2-D1A1) differ only in very subtle ways with respect to the exact position of the symbols in “© LFL 1984”. They therefore belong to the same COO Family #2 and do not indicate any mould differences.
Maybe Lili Ledy also used the steel moulds for COO (xxxx) (no space between “©” and “L”) and COO (xxxx) (“©” is upshifted relative to “LFL”) So in case you have a Lili Ledy Emperor with COO (2-A1A1), (2-B1A1), or (2-C1A1), please post pics in this thread.

The COO (Family #2)(2-D1A1) on the Lili Ledy Emperor looks a bit worn with less details. For instance the ‘©’ is more like a big dot and you can hardly recognize the “c” anymore. Similar worn or weathered moulds have also been observed for the Lili Ledy Yoda and Gamorrean Guard. It might indicate that Lili Ledy used old steel moulds which were used for full scale production in the Far East before. It might also be an artifact during casting of the figures due to different processing conditions and/or a different composition of the plastics used by Lili Ledy.[/snippet]

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[snippet SNIPPET-NAME="IMPORTANT"]COO (Family #2) is not unique to Lili Ledy, it was also used by Kenner!! Only the figures which were released on MIM cards have an unique COO (you can read more about this in the Introduction on the first page of this thread)(coming soon).[/snippet]

[snippet SNIPPET-NAME="DIFFERENCES"]Compared to his Kenner counterpart, the Lili Ledy Emperor has:
- A darker grey cloak
- Glossy in stead of matte white paint on face and hands
(comparison pictures soon)[/snippet]

[snippet SNIPPET-NAME="PAINT VARIATIONS"]Small Variations:
The small paint differences between the different Emperor figures (bright or pale yellow eyes, size of the pupils) which can be seen in the pictures below are due to small batch to batch variations in the Emperor line.[/snippet]

[snippet SNIPPET-NAME="Accessories"]The Lili Ledy Emperor carries a black Chief Chirpa staff which has a different mould compared to its Kenner counterpart. The stick has a small "L".[/snippet]

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