[PTCOO] Emperors Royal Guard

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[PTCOO] Emperors Royal Guard Empty [PTCOO] Emperors Royal Guard

Post by The Librarian Sat Apr 10, 2021 5:00 pm

[coo_figure_entry_start  FIGURE-NAME="Emperor's Royal Guard"  CATAGORY="basic coo guide"  BOOKMARK-NAME="ERGADp1"]
[new_coo  COO-ID="1-A1A1"  COO-ID2="Kenner/Ledy"  IMAGE-URL="http://abload.de/img/p6170004kzrcp.jpg"  RIGHT-ARROW="NONE"]
[coo_family_number  FAMILY-NUMBER="2"]
[new_coo  COO-ID="2-A1A1"  COO-ID2=""  IMAGE-URL="http://abload.de/img/p6170006vcpd7.jpg"  RIGHT-ARROW=""]
[new_coo  COO-ID="2-A2A1"  COO-ID2="Euro"  IMAGE-URL="http://abload.de/img/p617000803qut.jpg"  RIGHT-ARROW=""]
[missing_image  COO-ID="2-A3A1"  COO-ID2="PBP"  RIGHT-ARROW="NONE"]
[coo_family_number  FAMILY-NUMBER="3"]
[new_coo  COO-ID="3-A1A1"  COO-ID2=""  IMAGE-URL="http://abload.de/img/p61700019uq6p.jpg"  RIGHT-ARROW="NONE"]

[snippet  SNIPPET-NAME="ADVANCED"]Think you found something new that isn't shown?
Please visit the Advanced COO Guide [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and see if it is there.
If it is not and you want to help to complete the guide please contact the TXI Team. Thanks![/snippet]
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