Important: Please Read Before Posting In This Section!

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Important: Please Read Before Posting In This Section! Empty Important: Please Read Before Posting In This Section!

Post by Captain Antilles Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:35 pm

Welcome to the Tantive XI Classifieds.

Please read before starting a thread in this section!

The Tantive XI team aims to keep this forum a safe place for our members to buy, sell and trade. In order to do this we require all members to abide by the following guidelines.

ALL users will be expected to have made a minimum of 20 posts before selling/trading.

Members who wish to make a Want To Buy thread (WTB) are exempt from the 20 post count. Responses to a WTB will be solely at the discretion of the potential seller, as the Tantive XI team will not be held accountable if a deal with a new user goes wrong.

POSTING IN THE CLASSIFIEDS - Our minimum count of 20 posts before starting a For Sale / For Trade (FS/FT) thread is to discourage new users who only sign up to sell, and also to help prevent scamming. TXI takes the safety of our members regarding transactions very seriously and encourages all new members to take an active part in the forum before trying to sell their items. You will also have an increased chance of successfully buying/selling or trading if our established members know you!

SELLING/TRADING - If you are selling/trading an item you must either actually own the item(s) or have access to it/them. If requested by a moderator, the item(s) must be available for verification. Please only use your own photos and list a price. You can also add a Best Offer if you are unsure whether your valuation is reasonable. Linking to other forums to show your FS thread is not allowed nor is posting eBay links. If you’re unsure of the value of an item then you are welcome to ask for help in the Vintage Chat section of the forum. Please provide some sort of feedback link to your previous sale history or reference to you as a seller.

TXI requests that you don't delete the sale prices from your classified sales thread as we would like to keep them in place for future reference to gauge selling prices over time.

Third Parties - If you are selling on behalf of a friend, relative, etc. you must declare that you are not the owner. You must explain in detail why you are selling, what your relation is to the goods, and the accessibility of the items in regards to viewing, photos, shipping, accuracy of description, etc. The consequences as outlined above will apply to the poster (not owner) in this case, so if someone asks you to post items you should be certain of all accuracy.

TRADES/3-Way Deals - In the event where you and other individual are doing a complex trade (e.g. you will sell a person's MOC to a buyer and then send the MOC owner an item of yours so you end up with the cash) is fine, but again there must be full disclosure. The seller must let the buyer know that the item is not his own and is coming from a 3rd party. You do not need to discuss the financials, but it must be clear that you are not in possession of the item yourself.

The above guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of our members, but only work if people are vigilant in both following the guidelines and letting a moderator know if there has been a breach.

For consistency and to make things easy for other users who are browsing please start your threads with one or more of the following abbreviations -

FS: (When setting up a ‘For Sale’ thread)
FT: (When setting up an items ‘For Trade’ thread)
WTB: (When setting up a ‘Want To Buy’ thread)
WTT: (When setting up a ‘Want To Trade’ thread)

TXI has the following policies regarding the sale of reproduction weapons, reproduction accessories, reproduction figures, resealed figures, restored items, re-carded figures, U graded & custom carded/boxed items.

Reproductions - Reproductions of any kind, even if clearly identified and or marked, are not allowed to be posted for sale. We understand they may have value for customizing or dioramas but we prefer the site to be vigilant about the spread of reproductions.

Reseals - Resealed figures are allowable if they are clearly disclosed as such. We understand that some figures (i.e. MOC Lili Ledy) are commonly resealed and, if disclosed, we will allow there sale.

Restored Items - Any item that has undergone any form of restoration e.g. the addition of paint, reproduction / re-applied original stickers, or have been bleached cannot be sold. Items cleaned with a mild detergent are acceptable.

Re-carded Figures - Figures that are re-carded (i.e. the cardback is a reproduction of an existing production card) are not allowed under any circumstances.

U Graded Itmes - U graded items from AFA or UKG are not allowed to be sold here, as we don't want to promote the practice of opening and grading factory sealed items.

Custom Carded Figures - Figures that are made of characters that were not originally produced (e.g. Carded Aunt Beru) are allowed as long as they have no real counterpart. Buyers must be able to look at it and know instantly it's not a genuine vintage piece.

If you have any comments/concerns/questions please feel free to contact or PM the mod team.

TXI moderators will be checking to ensure that the rules above are followed. Violations will result in your post being deleted or locked.
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