for sale poch and pbp figures, and few meccano

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for sale poch and pbp figures, and few meccano  Empty for sale poch and pbp figures, and few meccano

Post by chiktabba Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:13 pm

please ask pictures or question to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
prices in euros, paypal as friend gift. shipping in europe is 6 and 8 for us

pbp figs:
- luke hoth pale face, scar coo, light torso, complete, 150 euros
- han hoth pale face pbp version, no coo scar, pale blue jacket (not trilogo) 120 euros NOW 110
- snowtrooper double scar hard plastic 15
- atat driver hard plastic 25
- stormtrooper hard plastic torso and limbs no coo (great variant) 90 euros
- chewebacca D coo 30 euros NOW 25
- chewbacca no coo circle on foot 30

- luke bespin pale hands very good condition C9 220 euros
- tusken reddish paint and melts marks: great condition 60
- luke pilot, caracteristic pale hands, melt mark in the back 40
- han hoth poch (not chocolate version) 150
- imperial commander big brown eyebrow: glued on shoulder since bad sonic weldding 60
- snowtrooper has pinkish hand and leg, with classic marks on top of arms 40 NOW 35
- bespin gard: good condition, pale hands, tipical red arms 50 euros
- golden poch C3PO 110

jawa 1100 euros
biker macao 70 very nice, but neck alf broken, so had to be glued. You don't see anything, but you can't turn the head.
anakin 20 C9
luke bespin ledy raised bar coo 30
tie pilot meccano large emblems 130
bossk factory error long neck 35
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