Need help sorting weapons out

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Need help sorting weapons out Empty Need help sorting weapons out

Post by arohk Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:09 am

Hey all I was wondering if you guys could help me out, I am getting rid of a few weapons but want to ensure that no really good ones are leavine like a Luke stormy blaster or ones from other countries.

I have picked up lots of loose ones over the years, I will keep going through the weapons pages on the forum to match up what I can. One of my issues as some know is that I am coloured blind so a true black I could tell and a blue but if we get into blue/black or dark blue it is harder for me to know what it is.

Here is a link to my photobucket so you can see the Han blasters and stormy ones.
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There are some that are black or blueish looking that have mold flash around them, They all float and feel right I am just not sure with those if they are from another Country.

Thanks in advance for any help everyone

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Need help sorting weapons out Empty Re: Need help sorting weapons out

Post by Commander Clint Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:51 am

Hopefully some of the other guys will help you out Larry. Very Happy I'm not a weapons guy.
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Need help sorting weapons out Empty Re: Need help sorting weapons out

Post by Ian_C Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:46 pm

This thread is a month old? Sorry I am so late to the party!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Do you need every weapon on the page identified?

First pic is easy. You have a Rancor Keeper hood, Bossk rifle, and Chief Chirpa staff. Smile

The rest seem to all be Rebel, Imperial, and Jawa blasters.

I'll tackle the Jawa ones first, as those are easiest. Basically, the Jawa blaster comes in both blue and dark blue/black colors, as well as dark ones with a greenish tint, and can have a bump on it or not. All are pretty common, and generally, the darkest ones and green tinted are from the SW releases, and the different blue shades come from any line from ESB to POTF. The green ones may be slightly tougher to find, so might be worth a bit more, but not crazy like some other variants. A VC Jawa will have any blaster but a blue one.

As for the Rebel and Imperial blasters, the same rules generally apply. Dark blue/black and green ones go with first 21 figures, and the others are for the rest of the lines, including re-releases of the first 21. There are some variants in shade and sculpt, but generally they are not confined to one specific figure. The bright blue of each weapon is more likely to be in ESB releases of IG-88, Han Hoth, and Luke Bespin though.

Of course, there are two exceptions, one of each blaster. To check, you need a strong backlight, and to hold your weapons up to it. Even the darkest blasters will show a hint of blue as the light passes through the plastic. However, there are examples of both Rebel and Imperial blasters that have absolutely no blue, and are flat black. If you manage to get one of those, the black Rebel blaster is exclusive to Han Trenchcoat. The black Imperial blaster is well known as being Luke Stormtroopers, but it was also included in the Droids Kez Iban figure. Those three figures will only get the pure black blasters, and those blasters cannot be found on any other release, at least from Kenner.

The chances of having foreign variants from Lili Ledy, Top Toys, Glasslite, etc., are extremely slim, although those will sometimes break the rules I outlined above (for example, a Jawa gun from Glasslite came with Leia, and could be gray or solid black). I wouldn't count on having any of those though, and nothing I saw in the pics leads me to believe you should check any.

Hope this helps.

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Need help sorting weapons out Empty Re: Need help sorting weapons out

Post by Dr Dengar Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:14 am

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The blaster at the bottom has the same mould as used by Lili Ledy.
BUT this mould was also used by Kenner.
The differences between Kenner and Lili Ledy are subtle.

Lili Ledy solid blue and solid black imperial blasters. Top row: V7 mould. Bottom row: V6 mould. (Pic from Ozio).
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