Droids (1985) All Episodes

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Droids (1985) All Episodes Empty Droids (1985) All Episodes

Post by the89thchris Sun Feb 03, 2019 2:52 pm

Droids (1985) All Episodes

I was introduced to this series via a 1995 VHS called “The Pirates and the Prince”. That was three episodes cut together by Ben Burtt. That arc, (episodes 5-8 is the best of the series in my humble opinion. It has the most action, interesting planets and a story that feels right at home within the Star Wars Universe. That being said, there are interesting designs and concepts throughout which eventually made their way into the prequels and other Star Wars media.

A couple funny things to note here, the YouTube account name is “Thall Joben”, the owner of the droids in the first arc, and perhaps more interesting than that: these have been posted for 5 years and by copyright stricken by Disney/Lucasfilm.  rofl

Complete Series Playlist

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Episode 1: The White Witch

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