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Post by Cardnut Mon Apr 11, 2022 9:35 pm

I was asking @"Commanderclint" how many Canadian Cardbacks there were. Original response was 78, everything on the ROTJ 77 back plus Lumat and Paploo (not on back printed in Mexico) less 4-Lom no canadian card. I was good with that but had a list from Womprat website that listed 81 potential cards. I decided to go through the 77 back and discovered that we actually do have 80 Canadian Cards (still no 4-Lom). What I noticed is that on the 77 back they do not show an Artoo just the Artoo sensorscope or a C3P0 origunal, just the removable limbs version. That makes 79 plus Lumat and Paploo minus 4-Lom for a total of 80 Canadian Cardbacks. Just thought I would share. At this point I am down to 12 Cardbacks needed for the total 80 possible and some upgrades. And about 3 years ago I told Clint I wasn't collecting cardbacks. Yeah right!
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Cardbacks Empty Re: Cardbacks

Post by Commander Clint Tue Apr 12, 2022 3:06 pm

Good point.  I completely forgot about regular R2D2 & regular C-3PO.  Which brings the count to 80.
As a good Canadian.  I would throw the Windup Walking R2 in that list as well.  Then it brings the count to 81. What a Face

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Next thing you know, you will be adding in the last 15 POTF figures. lol!
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