WTB/WTT : psybertech's Long Term Wishlist

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WTB/WTT : psybertech's Long Term Wishlist Empty WTB/WTT : psybertech's Long Term Wishlist

Post by psybertech Thu May 07, 2015 12:13 am

I am sure I will have specific needs that I will ask for later, but here is what I would love to get at some point.
I am a horrible trader (I just don't have many spares), but feel free to propose trades!

A ton of these will be near impossible, but what the hell.... lol!

Unless specified, any condition is considered and any variation of the variant is also considered.
Anything listed as Upgrade I do want Near Mint....


  • Dark Brown Rebel Soldier
  • Upgrade: Tri-Logo Fett (unpainted knee)
  • PBP black neck Lando
  • PBP Luke XWP w/ good emblems
  • Upgrade: Meccano Luke (any)
  • Luke FB Meccano w/ 1977 UP (or a good 1977 down as asked above)
  • Luke FB Glasslite w/ 1977 UP
  • 2 line no COO Luke Farmboy (TXI COO 3-B1 alteration- image shows non-altered)
  • Any family #2 Luke Farmboy PBP no COO (large Copyright)
  • Palitoy Droids Factory R2
  • POCH Luke Farmboy
  • Upgrade: moulded face Luke Jedi
  • Upgrade: PBP Light green head Walrusman
  • Upgrades: Ledy Luke Bespins
  • Overstock Ledy Leia Bespin anything
  • Overstock Ledy anything (nothing exotic, just would like to have a few examples on the cheap)


  • Lili Ledy Yoda Snake
  • Leia Bespin POCH family #2 cape
  • Vader saber appropriate for PBP/Euro/Clipper Vader (dark red, round transition?)
  • Luke and Vader sabers with tips
  • Blue Luke Jedi Saber
  • Lili Ledy Imperial Blaster
  • Lili Ledy Gammorean Guard Axe
  • Lili Ledy Logray Accessories (all)
  • Upgrade: Lili Ledy Ben Saber with non-stressed tip
  • Snap cape for Luke Jedi
  • Lili Ledy Jawa Hood (lmfao!)


  • Foreign Leia Bespin (I have a bunch, but always looking for upgrades and new ones)
  • Chewbacca (I am starting a small cardback side focus for Chewie, so I need help!)
  • Luke Farmboys (any considered)

I know there is more and I will try to keep this updated.

Any help or leads are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!


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WTB/WTT : psybertech's Long Term Wishlist Empty Re: WTB/WTT : psybertech's Long Term Wishlist

Post by ourchickenshack Sat Dec 19, 2015 8:47 pm

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WTB/WTT : psybertech's Long Term Wishlist Empty Re: WTB/WTT : psybertech's Long Term Wishlist

Post by Section 8 Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:17 am

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